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We make mixes to order from most of our cakes and bar cookies using the same ingredients that we use when you special order the finished item to pick up in our bakery.  This means you will get the same great taste with minimal effort.  You supply the liquid ingredients that we cannot safely package such as eggs and milk, plus the equipment (usually just a hand mixer, cake pans or cookie sheets) and the labor.  We set our price to eliminate the cost of our labor, but we must add the packaging costs and cost for our chef to develop and print instructions.  The benefits of buying our mixes are that you can take the mix to your summer cabin and make it up when you need it.  If you are feeding a crowd, buy two or three mixes and make multiple pans of brownies, for example.  If you need to make several different desserts for meetings or parties, it is a breeze to put together these delicious mixes and put homemade desserts on your table.

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