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Ttraditional New York style (vanilla with a hint of lemon) with a natural, freshly made fruit topping of your choice strawberry, cherry, raspberry). This is a large cake that serves at least 12. Other flavors such as espresso, chocolate and pumpkin are also available. Must be refrigerated.

Special Note:  Several brides have ordered this cheesecake for their weddings and have used them for the bride and groom to cut and serve to each other.  In that case, I frost the outside of the cake with French Buttercream frosting and decorate it so it is beautiful for a wedding.  Some brides have their florists place flowers on the cheesecake to match the flowers on their large wedding cakes.  Because decorating the cake is labor intensive, the price must be quoted after the bride describes how her cake should look.

Normally, our cheesecakes are encased in a shortbread cookie-like crust that is patted into the springform pan.  Then the cheesecake batter is poured in and baked.  The cake forms a brown crust on the top which some people cover up with a sour-cream/powdered sugar topping.  Others prefer to see the brown crust and drizzle the fruit sauces over the servings.

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