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French Macarons French Macarons

French Macarons

Beautiful meringue cookies made with nut flours and sandwiched with buttercream frosting.  Because these are so labor intensive, they are sold by the dozen only. (Naturally gluten free!) These are the star of the dessert buffet that you might want to stack on a pedestal cake server.  Definitely order more than one flavor by calling 952-1709.  Flavors vary occasionally, but for now, we offer chocolate with mocha buttercream, vanilla with strawberry cream or dulce de leche, and raspberry with vanilla cream that has a touch of framboise liquor in it.

What's the difference between a French macaron (only one 'o') and an American macaroon (2 'o's)?  The French cookie is made of meringue (egg white and sugar) whipped to just the right stage with nuts and flavors folded in.  The American macaroon is a coconut confection made of sugar, egg white and coconut with a little almond or other flavoring.  They are two totally different critters.

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